Small Compliments

To be quite honest, I get a little anxious sometimes about whether an album or photo I posted is any good. I second-guess myself, sometimes I even take it down and put it back up. Just the effect of years of worrying about what people think of me I suppose.

But man, do you know what gets me through the doubt? Small compliments. Just one fellow artist liking one of my photos or someone writing a quick “great composition” comment or a “love these!” Small compliments go a really long way for me. They are the things that motivate me and affirm my confidence about my work. They are literally what keep me from scrapping my whole business.

And this, my friends, is why I go out of my way to compliment other people’s work.

I’m not going to be insincere or pretend I like a photo…haha, but if the photo catches my eye and I really enjoy it, I’m going to express it!
And I don’t assume that everyone is like me and unsure about their photo (kudos to the overly-confident), but for the people who are like me…I like to think that maybe my comment made their day. Maybe my one “like” gave them the courage to keep their album up and continue showcasing their work. I mean the whole point of art is that someone, somewhere appreciates it.
Takeaway : if you like an artist’s work, tell them! It may be just the thing they’re needing to hear that day. :)


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