Head in the Clouds

When I’m taking photos of someone, I really get lost in it. For an hour or two while I’m shooting, I don’t think of what I’m wearing, what I look like, how I’m standing or sitting. I put all my focus and energy into what I see through the lens. It’s like a focused tunnel vision. Like a strange yet exciting meditation. There’s really nowhere else I’d rather be than behind that camera.

I took senior photos for my coworker Dawn’s daughter recently. Dawn snapped a couple behind the scenes shots and it’s so funny to see because I literally do not remember kneeling like that or standing like that. It’s crazy! All I remember is what I saw through my camera and the relationship I made with the family.

It’s refreshing to be able to let down your inhibitions, enjoy yourself, and just completely be who you are for a couple hours. During shoots I’m usually sweating to death, my back is in pain, my wrists are sore, my feet hurt…but I don’t even take those things into account. My mind is really caught up in the friendships I make, the imagery, the light, the laughter, the art of it all.

As dumb as it is, seeing pictures of myself on the job puts it all into perspective for me.

And hey, I end up with pretty little photo “trophies” to show for it!

Have a nice weekend.

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