Live to express, not impress.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

This is something I’m needing to tell myself a lot these days. Not everyone will love your creations. Not everyone will stick around forever to applaud your efforts. Not everyone will really care what you’re working on or how hard you’re working.

Live to express, not impress.

It’s easy to take things to heart. Someone “un-liking” your Facebook page, someone preferring another photographer’s work, someone disliking your work in general. Art is personal. But criticism should not be taken personally. You’re just not everyone’s cup of tea. No one is everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe you’re not even tea…..WHOA, right?

Live to express, not impress.

Quit being so hard on yourself and just make art for the sake of making art. Express yourself and forget about making everyone happy. Everyone in the creative field has a specific audience and clientele. Someone looking for pineapples is not going to go to a hardware store.
Once you decide to quit trying to impress everyone, you end up expressing yourself in the way that you want to, not the way you think they want you to.

#wisdomwednesday ? ;)

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