So last year my husband and I made a huge announcement that we were moving to Atlanta, Georgia! We even had a peach-themed going-away party and told our families…but we didn’t end up making the move for various reasons. 

But guess what? We are DEFINITELY 100% MOVING at the end of October to Atlanta. 

So, we have one more month here in Minnesota! I am doing photography full-time right now and will be for all of October. I’ve been extremely lucky with all of the photo jobs I’ve gotten this summer, they always seem to just fall into my lap. That said, since I’m no longer working at a coffee shop, I have even MORE time for photo shoots! I have a ton of availability for October right now. 

So now I’m going to give you five reasons why this is the perfect time for you to schedule a shoot with me before I leave : 

1. October is autumn! All of the crisp orange leaves, hot cider, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, beautiful weather, warm light…and my all-time favorite time of year to take photos. 

2. We aren’t sure when or if we’ll move back to Minnesota! If we love Georgia we may stay there for a few years. If you like my work, this might be the only chance to schedule something with me (unless you catch me sometime when I come to visit).

3. You’d be supporting me in my endeavors! This is my only source of income right now and moving across the country is expensive. The truth is, we could really use all the help we can get. 

4. You would have a beautiful set of fall photos in your possession!

5. I’m really easy to work / schedule with. It goes like this : You email me, we pick a day & time, pick a location (I have many in mind), and presto! About 3 weeks after your shoot I’ll mail you a disc of 75-100 fully edited photos for you to keep and print as you like. Easy. 

That’s where I’m at, folks. I am available for couples shoots, engagement, family, seniors, baby, or just some fancy shots of yourself! 

Here’s my pricing page
Here’s my contact info

Thanks all, hope to hear from you soon :) 

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