The Visitation : Extras + Behind the Scenes

You might have seen my Facebook album or my last blog post, which give you the story and some photos from one of my recent shoots entitled, “The Visitation.” And as you’ve probably guessed, I looove fashion shoots. Coming up with elaborate backstories for my models to work with, styling, getting hair & makeup artists involved, collaborating. The planning and production of it all. So, if you’re interested, here was some of my process for this shoot.

The entire concept came about after seeing this photo by Morgan Norman :

It had a high-fashion eerie vibe that I was LOVING and I wanted to emulate it.

I came up with the backstory for 3 siblings visiting their estranged aunt and then coordinated with my 3 models : Heidie Kalsnes, Teresa Jacobs, and Craig Reneson, and my HMUA friend, Sabrina Krause of Artistry by Sabrina. We planned the location, what clothes to bring, the time & date, snacks, accessories, etc.

The morning of :
We went to good ol’ Spyhouse to fuel ourselves with caffeine, then headed to Hugo to my friend Tracey’s house where we were shooting. Sabrina set out her tools while I set up mine and then the hair & makeup process began.

The final makeup / hair looks on the ladies :

I was really pleased with how it all turned out. The only thing working against me was the fact that I was hoping for a cloudy day….but ended up with the clearest sky EVER… Haha, so working with direct sunlight definitely gave the shoot a different vibe than expected. But you just need to work with what you’re given!

Here is the final set, in editorial form :


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